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Never been really patient, trust me

And don’t mean to make you hate me,

but girl your man is so lovely

And I want him as mine


Tell me how’s this supposed to go, oh, shit

Find you both hot tho

Slam me against the wall, oh, girl

But what if we made him watch though


They won’t love you like I will

every feeling that we felt

I know that you, felt that shit too

Tell that girl of yours that I’m taking you home

He won’t fuck you like I will


We could ditch him and find someplace

where the two of us can meet face to face

I know our, worlds have begun to change

I didn’t mean to make you love me



Fall apart in their arms never felt so

You have shown me

Love em hard while needing you daily


But Psychology

Loving her harder than you

But I got to do

And I don’t wanna loose

So I choose both of you

They Wont Love You Art copy.jpg
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