Verse 1 

Only feel good when others say

they want me

Please Hit that like button

dear god I’m begging 

Can’t pay my rent but at least

I got that Louis 

Diamond on my teeth, only

reason I’m smiling



I’m trying fake rich,

I’m trying spend your money

I’m trying have the whole world 

tell me I’m something

Fake Society X2



Is too late to die young

got our hands on loaded guns

This worlds has made us so numb

Cause Silence is better then bull

Shit they wanna say

Like it’s gonna change a thing

This worlds has made us numb

Silence is better then bull


Verse 2

Shower me in plastic, do I look good

Spent a 100k on a car, but I still live in Hollywood 

Doctor says I’m perfect, what do you think?

Cut me up in places, so I don’t feel a thing


It’s the shinny life that you crave,

Are you sick blind dumb or depraved

With a smile so crooked 

it could crack the glass ceiling

But your living fake rich

Selling pity for a living