Dark matter


Verse 1

The Impact of this is gonna fun

Reckless behavior get ready to run

Bleed me dry to get the answers you want

I like the pain it makes me feel calm



Bitter and broke and I’m fucking bored

Nothing to lose so Watch me transform 

a butterfly but with devil horns


Dark Matter

Nothing ever felt the way it’s supposed to

Call my dealer

If I sober up I’ll leak my own future 

I’ll be, I’ll be the darkest soul you’ve ever seen

dark matter

Nothing ever felt the way it’s supposed to


Verse 2 

Self-sabotage is all that I know

Dirt to my lips, another episode 

Losing my grip someone hand me the phone

I’m calling God, tell him that I’m not coming home 



The devil on my shoulder she telling me it’s over 

But I don’t even really wanna go

If God Is a woman then so is the devil 

So the devil someone you know


Criminal behavior, I am my own savior

A monument to who I’ve become 

I’m overly aggressive, the biggest of messes

Probably why I’m always on the run