Verse 1

After all this time

you’d think my world came caving in 

but that's not right, 

and I’m just fine

After all this time

You’d think my heart gave away

But I’m breathing fine 

and I’m alright 



Overdosed on my own demons

What’s the point of giving up again

Trying to fight it so I keep on breathing 

Will I even make this jump 



Cause all I smell are lavenders

As the world burns down around me

around me

And all I smell are lavenders

Ill ignore all this pain around me

around me


Lavenders X3


Verse 2

Oblivion is so

Blissful as I hide away 

what’s going on 

But I take too long

I act as though,

The world has turned against my soul

never think it through 

I never thought it through 




wasn’t meant to


Try my best to

Fade away